Webserver Section

Webserver Tournament Organiser (TO): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Games in this section are hosted on the ICCF web server and it is our proud boast that entry is free to our members.

If you do not already have an ICCF server ID please register here. All games qualify for an ICCF rating. A provisional rating will be assigned to new players.

Playing rules are as per current ICCF Server Playing Rules except where otherwise stated in the Natcor General Tournament Rules or the Individual Webserver Tournament Rules. Please familiarise yourself with the time controls and penalties stated in these rules before play commences.

Webserver Triplets

Each Webserver Triplet Tournament consists of 3x3-player sections with the 3 winners going forward to a final section. A certificate will be awarded to the victor.
Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to register for this competition.

Webserver Triplet Tournament 8 Final (24/11/17 - 23/11/18)

Mike Pointon
Marc Wakeham
Cornelius Cornes


Webserver Triplet Tournament 9A (17/07/17 - 17/07/18)

Richard Webster
Anthony Thistlewood
Peter Dunks

Richard Webster 2-0 Peter Dunks
Anthony Thistlewood 0-2 Peter Dunks
Anthony Thistlewood 0-2 Richard Webster
Richard wins this section and progresses to the Tournament 9 final.

Webserver Triplet Tournament 9B (14/09/17 - 14/09/18)

Stephen Bailey
John Nichol
John Lawton

John Lawton 1-1 Stephen Bailey (2 draws)

Webserver Triplet Tournament 9C (7/10/17 - 6/10/18)

David Yeeles
Marc Wakeham
Reg Mackenzie

David Yeeles 0-2 Marc Wakeham
Marc Wakeham 1-0 Reg Mackenzie
David Yeeles 0-1 Reg Mackenzie

Webserver Triplet Tournament 10A (7/10/17 - 6/10/18)

Marc Wakeham
Stephen Bailey
Simon Pallister

Marc Wakeham 2-0 Simon Pallister
Stephen Bailey 2-0 Simon Pallister
Marc Wakeham 1-1 Stephen Bailey
Marc and Stephen finish with identical records. Stephen progresses to the final as the player in the lower position in the RGCT table at the start of play.

Webserver Triplet Tournament 10B (10/10/17 - 09/10/18)

Johnny Owens
Fred Margrave
Alex Tupper


Webserver Triplet Tournament 10C (16/10/17 - 15/10/18)

Peter Dunks
Pablo Moujan
Alan Miles

Alan Miles 0-2 Peter Dunks
Peter Dunks 2-0 Pablo Moujan
Peter progresses to the final.

Webserver Triplet Tournament 11A (01/11/17 - 01/11/18)

Rachael Moore
Adam Spencer
Marc Wakeham

Webserver Triplet Tournament 11B (25/11/17 - 24/11/18)

David Yeeles
Mike Pointon
Stephen Bailey