Job Description for Natcor Match Captain

Objective: - to play other correspondence chess clubs.

This is ongoing throughout the year and can start at any time:

1) First find out how many Natcor members are willing to play in the team (some of this can be found out from the completed Treasurer’s renewal form in September)

2) Contact other correspondence chess clubs to see if they are willing to play us.

3) Send details of Natcor teams to the other captain: a) how many players in the team:
    b) starting and adjudication dates:
    c) rules of correspondence chess to apply.

4) Send out pairings at the start of the event.

5) Publish this in EP and the results as they come in.

6) Collate results and report to the editor of EP on a monthly basis.

7) Liaise with the opposition match captain to appoint adjudicators for unfinished positions where required.

8) Liaise with opposition match captain to resolve any disputes that cannot be resolved amicably by the players themselves.

 9) In the event that this is not possible, liaise with the opposition match captain to decide on disputes according to the rules of correspondence chess. <

10) Liaise with the opposition match captain to investigate allegations of defaults and determine the outcome of such matches (i.e. whether to declare void or award wins by default, adjudicating positions as necessary).

11) Liaise with the opposition match captain to deal with complaints as a matter of urgency.

12) Keep both parties and match captain informed as to what is happening.

13) No decision should be rushed provided the players themselves are kept aware that the allegations are being thoroughly investigated.

14) If in doubt or you would prefer to seek another opinion on your decision then the other committee members are always at your disposal.

15) Report results to the Webmaster as soon as possible