Job Description For Natcor Treasurer

1. Pay bills with National Correspondence Chess Club cheques
    a) record all transactions accurately.
    b) file all transactions accurately.

2. Cheques require 2 of the 3 authorised signatures: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.

3. In the event of a personnel change:
    a) use a ‘change of signature form’ supplied by the bank.
    b) fill in form (parts relevant to the treasurer.
    c) send form to the new Officer.

4. New officer to:
    a) fill in form (parts relevant to the new officer).
    b) return to Treasurer.
    c) Treasurer then returns form to the bank for authorization. 

5. Pay all receipts into the National Correspondence Chess club account: -
    a) record all transactions accurately.
    b) file all transactions.

6. September is subscription renewal time.  Towards the end of October send a reminder to those who have not renewed/paid.

7. After Nov 1st (which is the cut-off date for renewals) send a notice to EP editor with:
    a) a list of members who have paid.
    b) a list of members who have made donations to club funds. (with grateful thanks).
    c) a list of members who have been deleted for non-payment.

8. In December send deletion list to the Secretary and the Distribution Secretary to update the email and postal distribution lists for ‘En Passant’.

9. New members:
    a) pay all money received into the bank.
    b) send a written receipt for payment if an SAE has been provided
    c) inform Secretary or Distribution Secretary of additions to EP distribution list via email or post respectively.
    d) notify relevant Tournament Controllers/Directors/Secretaries of new member’s playing requirements.
    e) notify the Recruitment Officer of new member contact details so that a welcome pack can be forwarded.

10. Balance the books:
    a) list all expenses.
    b) when the final bank statements arrives (normally January at the earliest).
    c) send to auditor.
    d) send copy of accounts to editor of EP.

11. Prior to the AGM in May:
    b) have copies available for members attending the AGM
    c) send report of the year to the Secretary.
    d) send report of the year to the Editor of EP.

12. Keep the membership address list up to date. Inform Secretary and Distribution Secretary of all changes.