The Annual Team Tournament

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Entries for this event are invited annually. Teams of 4 players are divided into divisions and each player is paired against one player from another team in the same division. At the end of the season teams are promoted or relegated depending on results and the overall winners receive a certificate.

A full explanation of this event and the playing rules can be found here.

The 2017 Team Tournament is now complete with the Pipedreamers winning at a canter with 7/8. Congratulations!

The teams for 2018 are largely unchanged although the Mighty Mailers' manager has splashed the cash and brought in Alan Beresford to see if the Pipedreamers can be toppled

2018 Teams

Mighty Mailers Crazy Gang Pipedreamers Nomads
John Walker Stephen Bailey James Garvock David Howell
Colin Hipwell John Dawkins Cornelius Cornes Peter Caulkett
Alan Beresford Nicholas Cron Colin Lyne Phil Drury
Graham Mill-Wilson Craig Douglas Paul Pope Marc Wakeham


2018 Fixtures

 Stephen Bailey (CG) 2-0 David Howell (N)
 John Walker (MM) 0-2 James Garvock (P)
John Dawkins (CG) 1½-½ Cornelius Cornes (P)
Colin Hipwell (MM) ½-1½ Peter Caulkett (N)
 Nicholas Cron (CG) -v- Alan Beresford (MM)
 Colin Lyne (P) 2-0 Phil Drury (N)
Marc Wakeham (N) 1-0 Paul Pope (P)
Craig Douglas (CG) 1-1 Graham Mill-Wilson (MM)