Job Description for Natcor Historian

1. Maintain safe custody of printed and electronic records of EP, officials, meetings and affairs and physical artefacts belonging to the Club.

2. Make all such material available to Natcor officials upon request.

3. Liaise with the Secretary to ensure accuracy of records as they develop and change.

4.From time to time produce articles for En Passant drawn from or inspired by the Club's historical records.

Job Description for Natcor Tournament Controllers

1. Oversee and facilitate the smooth running of the tournament in accordance with ICCF playing rules, Natcor General Rules and Individual Tournament Rules as applicable.

2. Promote your tournament and encourage entries regularly via En Passant and the web site.

3. Register details of entrants and provide pairings as quickly as possible.

4. Endeavour to match opponents according to playing strength and preferred method of play.

5. Issue pairing notices promptly, providing at least 10 days’ notice of starting date where applicable.

6. Acknowledge reported results promptly.

7. Report results and pairings to the Webmaster as they occur.

8. Provide a comprehensive update for inclusion in En Passant as near to the next sumission deadline as practicable (inform EP Editor if there is nothing to update).

9. Inform the Trophy Officer promptly when prizes are required.

10. Appoint adjudicators for unfinished games.

11. Encourage players to resolve disputes between themselves.

12. Adjudicate on unresolved disputes with reference to the Committee if required.

13. Where the Controller is involved in a dispute or a claim refer the matter directly to the Committee.

14. Keep all parties informed of progress on disputes and claims.

15. Upon request from the Secretary provide a detailed report on the tournament during the year for the AGM.

Job Description For Natcor’s Vice Chairman

1. Shadow the Chairman to maintain preparedness to stand in if required.

2. Undertake any reasonable task delegated by the Chairman.

3. In the case of the Chairman being temporarily indisposed assume all of the Chairman’s responsibilities.

4. Should the Chairman resign or otherwise vacate the post permanently assume all of the Chairman’s responsibilities for the remainder of his scheduled term. Should this not be possible then arrange a prompt election to fill the vacancy.

Job Description For Natcor Distribution Secretary

1. Facilitate printing and postal distribution of ‘En Passant’ and other Natcor documents as required.

2. Provide chosen print shop with hard or soft copy for duplication.

3. Arrange collection of printed articles .

4. Assemble and staple pages.

5. Place in envelopes and ensure correct postage is applied.

6. Check with Secretary that you have an up-to-date copy of address labels.

7. Apply labels and post finished articles.

8. Copy all bills and receipts and forward originals to the Treasurer.

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