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The object of the club: “To foster friendship between members”

Arkell's Odyssey - Autobiography of a Chess Grandmaster

A review of Keth Arkell's autobiography by Dr. Adam Spencer, our resident book reviewer is now available via our Clubhouse menu: http://www.natcor.org.uk/index.php/book-review. Why not have a look at this and other interesting reviews which have appeared in our regular magazine 'En Passant'?

Change to All-Play-All Tournament Format

Following lengthy committee discussion and a vote at this year's AGM the format of the APA Tournament will change with immediate effect. Each tournament will consist of a single round of five players. Each player will play one game against each other player, 2 as white, 2 as black, to be decided by a draw. Games already in progress will continue to a finish but all new tournaments will be under the new format.


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